Shirley Wigs Hasn't Refunded my Money

Not resolved

On September 28 I ordered two wigs from When I received them the quality was bad and one of the wigs was the wrong color.

You will notice that I chose #4 and they sent me brown on number 1575. I proceeded to email the company numerous times and they would only give a partial refund. Finally they agreed to a full refund but wouldn’t give me an address to send it back. I bugged them for days and called Capital One to file the dispute.

Finally they responded AFTER I disputed it and they sent me an address. I mailed it on December 9 and noticed a charge on my bill for $323.17 3 days later. I no longer have the products and now they are ignoring me. All I want back is at least $250 so I can buy another wig.

I have a condition called Alopecia Areata and have lost all my hair.

I want other people who have this condition to not get scammed like me.

Monetary Loss: $323.

Shirley Wigs - has lied to me.


Back in September 2013 I purchased two wigs and when I received them, they were poorly made and one of them was not the correct color. The responded sporadically in email and sometimes even ignored me.

Once I filed a dispute with my CC company the company responded which made me send them back. I sent them back in early December and STILL have not received my $323.17 refund as of mid February. On it led me to believe the company was in California when they sent the wigs they came from China. Do not purchase from them.

The wigs look NOTHING like what you see on the Hollywood models.

Now all I want is at least $250 so I can purchase another wig. I have a condition called Alopecia Areata and need a wig since my hair has fallen out.

Monetary Loss: $323.

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